When it comes to framing or treated lumber our buyers strive to purchase the highest quality and value available.

Cheap price per stick may not be the best value…Riversides buyers understand that inferior product costs our contractors time. Dealing with “cull” lumber is an added cost on the back end as time wasted sorting through units of lumber for the “good ones”.

Wasting time trying to compensate for crooked framing after installed is even more costly. It disrupts gypsum finishing, millwork fit, door & window fitment and flooring. We buy from mills that we know supply a superior product. This rarely means one mill for all sizes. So we source each dimension from the best mill. Not all #2 framing lumber is the same.

Treated lumber is another area where Riverside out classes the rest.

We stock only #1 structural grade treated framing and #2 structural grade, prime appearance grade decking boards. When it comes to grading things can get a little confusing.

Spruce framing lumber grading numbers relate to edge knots, wane (barked edges) and trueness.

When it comes to Pine, such as used in treated lumber, the number is related to structural load capacity. #1 pine usually does look better than #2 because it has a tighter grain and is more likely to be cut from the center portion of the tree.

Therefore we only stock #1 treated framing which helps reduce long span sag in deck building but stock #2 Prime in 5/4 decking boards since span is not nearly as important as appearance. Prime grade is related to appearance which includes very few knots, no wane, and straight.

We welcome you to come and see the difference!