What sets Riverside apart from all the others?


Our definition of service encompasses much of the purchase experience. Service being a knowledgeable staff that will help you to select the proper product in proper quantity to suit your needs.

Service also relating to delivery. Our fleet of delivery vehicles provides many options for delivering your purchase. From a 24’ flatbed with rear mounted forklift, 40’ knuckle boom with 24’ flatbed, 2 ton lift deck flatbed, 1 ton dump bed, 1 ton lift gate box truck or pickup truck.

Ready for a framing or deck package? Flatbed with forklift is probably the best for unloading and placing lumber anywhere on site with minimal impact to the landscape.

Ready for shingles, gypsum or roof decking? That’ s where the knuckle boom comes into play. Truck mounted crane that can extend 40’ from cab will put your shingles, sheeting or framing at arms reach on the roof or second floor. Gypsum can be raised up to second floor window opening for ease of placement. Weather sensitive items such as windows, doors and millwork will arrive in our box truck. Smaller loads can be slide dumped or hand unloaded if access via any equipment is not possible.

We are firm believers in service because if we have a cheap price but poor service we cost the customer much more money.

  • When delivery is scheduled and not delivered on time it costs the customer substantially in wages paid to tradesmen waiting on materials.
  • If the wrong product is selected to start with and not proper for the usage then everyone loses time and money.
  • If the product is inferior and requires lots of sorting and fitment then everyone loses time and money.
  • If we didn’t stand behind products after installation then it costs the customer time and money.

Our philosophy of buying quality, providing a sales staff that makes sure you get what you really need, delivering in most efficient way while arriving on time and service after installation makes the true cost FAR below our competition.